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Server Minecraft Plug-ins and Commands

Bukkit Commands

Command Effect
/tell [player name] [message] Sends a private message the the specified player.
/list Lists the players connected to the server in the console. Pressing the [TAB] key will show this information in a pop-up.
/kick [player name] Kicks the player off the server. Admin & Moderators only.
/ban [player name] Bans the player from the server. Admin & Moderators only.
/banlist Lists the players who have been banned from the server. Admin & Moderators only.
/stop Stops the server. Once stopped, the server must be manually restarted. Only use to shut down the server in case of emergencies! Admin & Moderators only.


Command Effect
/perm player setgroup [player name] user Gives the specified player generic build and plugin rights. Admin & Moderators only.
/perm reload Reloads the server's permission file. This may fix issues where the player doesn't seem to have proper permissions despite being added using the command above. Admin & Moderators only.


Command Effect
/spawn Returns you to the server's spawn location for the 'world' you're in. The End, Nether, and Overworld all have different spawn points.
/setspawn Sets the spawn for the 'world' you're in, at your current location. Admin only.


Command Effect
/sethome Sets your standard home location.
/home Returns you to your standard home location.
/sethome [home name] Creates a named home location.
/listhomes Lists all your home locations.
/deletehome [home name] Removes the named home from the list of your homes.
/home [home name] Teleports you to the indicated home location.
/home [player name]:[home name] Teleports you to the named players home location. For a player's default home location you must use the colon, but keep [home name] blank.
/invitehome [player name] Allows others to teleport to your homes. Use * as [player name] to invite everyone on the server.
/listinvites Lists all homes you're invited to.
/listmyinvites Lists all your invites to others' homes.

LWC (Chest, furnace, and block protections)

Command Effect
/cprivate Starts the process to lock a block. Follow the in-game directions to finish this process.
/cremove Starts the process to remove the protection from a block. Follow the in-game directions to finish this process.
/cprivate [player name 1] [...] Starts the process to lock a block, usable only by the listed players. Follow the in-game directions to finish this process.
/cpassword [password] Starts the process to add password protection to a block. Follow in-game directions to finish this process.


Command Effect
/money Shows how much money you own.
/money pay [player] [amount] Sends a payment to the designated player in the amount specified.
/money help Displays the iConomy help dialog.


Command Effect
/mt enable Enables the attaching of string to blocks, so it can be used as a measuring tape.
/mt disable Disables the attaching of string to blocks, so string can be used for other purposes (e.g. laying tripwire).
/mt read Displays the most recent measurment in the console.
/mt unset Unsets all measuring tape positions.
/mt mode [mode] Switches the measuring mode. Use command "/mt modehelp" for details.
/mt help Displays the help screen for this plugin.


Command Effect
/iteminfo Prints out the item name and item id number of the item in your hand.

All players can use a sign and a chest to create a shop to publicly buy and/or sell items. The general layout for the sign is the top picture on the right, with completely filled out example signs are below it. All shop signs must be placed above a chest which contains the items you're allowing others to buy, or will serve as a place where you'll recieve the items youre being sold.

Left click to sell to shops, and right click to buy from shops. To destroy a shop sign that you own hold down the [SHIFT] key, then destroy the sign as you normally would. When creating a shop it is very important to use LWC to lock the chest you're using as part of your shop so others can't steal your items. Admins and moderators can only investigate reports of stealing, but will not refund any stolen items. Also, all player shops must be created in the specified area of the commerce center. Shops that are anywhere beside the commerce center are subject to removal, and may result in loss of shop creating privledges.


SignLift works by linking two signs that are placed in the exact position, but on different height levels. SignLift signs must occur in pairs and be formatted in the following way:

Using the technique shown in the bottom right picture, a sign can be hidden on the backside of a block and be accessed by placing a button on the frontside facing the player. In the example shown in the picture, when a player clicks the button (outlined in green) they will be teleported as instucted on the sign on the backside of the block (outlined in purple). When using this method, the button and sign must be on opposite sides or the lift will not function.

When about to use a sign lift caution should be exercised because the plugin will change only your height, but keep your position relative to the sign you clicked. This can be dangerous if you're using a lift to teleport to a platform smaller than the one you originated, as you may be moved to an area without a floor. It is recommended that you stand on the block directly in front of the button or sign's face to ensure you end up where intended. It is also recommended that you not use lifts while holding blocks in your hand, as sometimes the block will annoyingly be placed either on top of, or in front of, the sign. This block will most likely require removal for a lift to continue to function, because the plugin will not teleport anyone to an area occupied by a block to prevent players from dieing by suffocation .

Stables (plugin)

The Stables plugin adds protection to horses and enables horse related crafting recipes. This mod prevents horses from taking damage from PvP and environmental (creepers, fire, etc) sources, but still allows damage from a horse's owner. A horse's owner is defined as the player who names a horse using a name tag (name tags can be purchased in the Commerce Center). Owners can unbind a horse by hitting (left-clicking) it with a "blank" nametag. Only a horse's owner can access its inventory and ride it. Players can own a maximum of 15 horses using this mod.

In addition to ownership, the Stables mod allows players to craft items for their horse. Saddles and barding (horse armor) can be created using the crafting patterns featured to the right. Barding can be crafted in iron, gold, and diamond varieties. The better quality the barding the more protection from PvE damage it will offer. For each of these patterns the wool color is irrelevant. All varieties of barding have unlimited durability and will never break.

Note that saddles can still be found in any overworld dungeon chest. Barding and name tags only have a chance of being found naturally in dungeon and netherfort chests generated after the 1.6.1 update.

Also note that this mod can be buggy, specifically when it comes to preseving horse ownership after server restarts. Server admins and moderators are not resposible for ensuring horses are safe from PvE, environmental damage, PvP, theft, or griefing; while generally reliable, the protection offered by this plugin should not be treated as a guarantee of your horse's safety.